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This Sister is Rising :)

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Oh my.
I wish you could see her now.
I wish you could see what happened to her when she gave herself the go ahead to shine.
When she realised she had a choice and scooped herself up off the damp cold floor, nourishing her tired soul, holding her monsters; weeping with them and loving them; she transformed.
If only you could see her since she learnt to love every cell of her body, since she took all that had happened to her and held herself in forgiveness.
This woman has become a witch of alchemy, turning the concrete she and others poured into her body and turning it into rich compost that has grown an abundance of medicine that lifts her head up and straightens her spine.
This sister is rising, boy is she rising, and my heart wants to weep with joy just looking at her.

•art by Aitch•
•words by Brigit Anna McNeill

Rachel Levi, LMFT, CEDS, F- IAEDPFounder/Clinical Director
Shoreline Center for Eating Disorder Treatment

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