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Love Yourself

Love yourself when you are tired.
Love yourself when are broken.
Love yourself when you feel weak.
Love yourself when you feel ugly.
Love yourself when you come across your edges.
Love yourself when all the world feels scary.
Love yourself courageously, honestly and bravely.
Not just when you feel alive and you approve of yourself, but in the harder times too.
Know your shit, know your struggles, know your uncomfortableness and love yourself through them.
Don’t hide from them, don’t avoid them, don’t hate them; love them and feed them the medicine they need.
This is how you will renew, this is how you gain strength, this is how you allow yourself to learn and to grow.
Coming back to yourself over and over with an open heart and a willing mind.
• Words by Brigit Anna McNeill •
• Art by Wild Suga •


Rachel Levi, LMFT, CEDS, F- IAEDPFounder/Clinical Director
Shoreline Center for Eating Disorder Treatment

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