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Welcome to the Shoreline Eating Disorders Treatment Blog

There is so much to say in regards to eating disorder recovery, and we have a lot to say. This blog talks about topics related to insurance, motivation, research and so much more. You are here because you want to learn more about these disorders, and we want to provide you with information that can help you in your quest for information and answers. In the coming days, please stay tuned for lots of articles and individual blog entries on the subject. These blogs will be sure to keep you both informed and thinking.  Learn from The Shoreline Bloggers, who are eating disorder experts and former clients. Please check back often, and share your eating disorder stories in the comments of the blogs. We look forward to helping you.

New Genetic Research on Anorexia

“Some of the genetic factors linked to anorexia nervosa are also associated with metabolism, suggesting that there may be a biological explanation for why patients with the eating disorder lose weight so rapidly and struggle to keep weight on.” Read the full article by cli
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Every Little Thing

Healing from an eating disorder takes time and is by no means perfect.  Every little step you take towards recovery is one in the right direction.  Make note of your milestones, make note of the moments when your true self wins the battle, celebrate yourself.  You are beautiful, loved
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Amelia Boone Opens Up About Her Eating Disorder

Amelia Boone on her journey – a true testament of resilience and courage. Don’t ever give up! “The hardest things to fix are the things that we don’t want to admit to ourselves. And I finally admitted to myself that I couldn’t do it on my own.”   Click on
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She let herself live a full, whole and beautiful life 😉  
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Smash the Wellness Industry

“The wellness industry is the diet industry, and the diet industry is a function of the patriarchal beauty standard under which women either punish themselves to become smaller or are punished for failing to comply, and the stress of this hurts our health too. I am a thin white
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Mental Health Parity: Still An Elusive Goal

“Amanda Bacon’s eating disorder was growing worse. She had lost 60% of her body weight and was consuming only about 100 calories a day. But that wasn’t sick enough for her Medicaid managed-care company to cover an inpatient treatment program. She was told in 2017 tha
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Little Note to Mum

What is that does matter??!! Boy leaves sweet ‘does it matter?’ note on scales for mum who weighs herself every day
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Be The Person..

When we engage from a place of compassion and understanding we make ourselves and the world a better place to not only exist but grow and heal.  
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