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Welcome to the Shoreline Eating Disorders Treatment Blog

There is so much to say in regards to eating disorder recovery, and we have a lot to say. This blog talks about topics related to insurance, motivation, research and so much more. You are here because you want to learn more about these disorders, and we want to provide you with information that can help you in your quest for information and answers. In the coming days, please stay tuned for lots of articles and individual blog entries on the subject. These blogs will be sure to keep you both informed and thinking.  Learn from The Shoreline Bloggers, who are eating disorder experts and former clients. Please check back often, and share your eating disorder stories in the comments of the blogs. We look forward to helping you.

Righteous Eating on the Rise Among Men

Disordered eating was once thought only to be a “woman’s issue” or something that people grow out of as they get older. We now know that eating disorders can affect people of any age or gender. And new studies are showing how prevalent eating disorders are in males. A recent study sho
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Congrats to Our Own Rachel Levi, LMFT!

Rachel Levi, LMFT, CEDS Founder and Executive Clinical Director of Shoreline Center for Eating Disorder Treatment, a comprehensive partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient program in Long Beach and Laguna Hills, California, has been inducted as a Fellow of iaedp illustrating h
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The Joy of Food

As we near the holidays, it’s important to remember why food is so important in our lives. Sure, it gives us sustenance and keeps our systems going. But it does more than that. National Geographic Magazine recently posted a story about “The Joy of Food“. I’ve p
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Shoreline Orange County Winter Event – Don’t Miss it!

~ Limited Seating Event ~ Shoreline Orange County presents Collaborative Medical Management in Non-Acute Care Settings with Jennifer Johnson, MD. Friday, December 12, 2014 from 9:30 -11:00 am Continental Breakfast Served (1.5) CE hours available for MFT, LCSW, LPC Free of Charge! Seat
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Sexualizing Our Children is Not Good for Them

There’s been much talk and debate about the sexualization of our children and the potential negative effects of it. New research highlights the fact that middle-school girls who put value into being sexually appealing to boys actually has negative effects on how well they do in school
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Weekly Adolescent and Adult Support Groups at Shoreline Orange County

*** REMINDER *** Shoreline OC will be starting ongoing free weekly community-based support groups for eating disorders, exercise addiction and body image issues on Mondays starting October 27, 2014. These groups will be a safe and nurturing environment for those struggling with eating
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Self-Compassion Improves Body Image

While it sometimes can be hard to accept ourselves for who we are, having a bit of self-compassion can actually improve your body image. Women are especially critical on themselves, which often leads to poor self-esteem and body image issues. A recent study by the University of Waterl
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The Eating Season: How to Survive It

The end of the year is the worst time of year for many people with eating disorders. There are so many eating events that can cause anxieties. A recent article by Jennie J. Kramer, MSW, LCSW for The Huffington Post (“The Scary Eating Disorder Season”) provides some advice on how to de
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Family-based Therapies Can Benefit Teens with Anorexia

It was once thought that families contributed to anorexia. We know now that eating disorders causes are often unknown and that families can actually help their children overcome eating disorders. This latter fact is upheld by a recent study that shows that family-based therapies can a
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